Furniture Spraying & Kitchen Renovation in Harborne, Birmingham


As a homeowner you probably dream of having the perfect kitchen, that is equipped to easily handle any culinary task.  Yet is also a space that allows you to entertain family and friends.  Of course, the one thing that is probably preventing you from having such a kitchen is the amount it would cost to actually replace the one you have now.

But what if we could provide you with a solution to this?  Here at Midland Furniture Spraying, we can provide you with all that is needed to give your current kitchen a new lease of life.  It doesn’t matter what size or shape yours is we can help to reinvigorate yours and provide it with a more welcoming homely feel.

We have become one of the most renowned furniture spraying services in Harborne, South West Birmingham.   We have helped homeowners throughout the West Midlands with their kitchen renovation projects.

We have a wealth of experience in both kitchen and furniture renovation and have created designs that are tailored to our customers own individual tastes.

During the past 25 years, we have built a reputation that is second to none.  As a testament to our vision and customer centred beliefs both our kitchen renovation and furniture spraying services have evolved.  We have now become synonymous with quality not only in the Midlands but also throughout the rest of the UK.


Why Choose Us?

We use cutting edge techniques for spray finishing wood along with progressive restoration solutions.   Our team of very experienced furniture spray painters In Harborne along with our team of kitchen restoration specialists will truly make your kitchen feel like the heart of your home.

We employ a bespoke approach to all our projects and our furniture spraying services in Birmingham will deliver a cost-effective, conscientious service that is unrivalled.

We will always arrange a meeting beforehand to ascertain exactly what your requirements are to determine what your new kitchen should look like.   We are more than happy to offer you our expert advice and all work undertaken by us won’t only be completed on time but within budget.   You will be amazed at what a difference our paints and lacquers can make to any kitchen.

When you decided to use our furniture spraying services in Harborne, Birmingham you will be able to choose from over 1,200 different colours.   Whether you want a shabby chic or elegant contemporary kitchen renovation then our team of furniture sprayers will deliver this way beyond your expectations.

We also can provide you with a complete kitchen renovation service along with our furniture spraying one.  We have the skills to build bespoke shelving, install new doors or handles.  We also can provide you with like for like workshop replacements.  All of this work to revamp your entire kitchen can be done at a fraction of what it would cost to replace it.

If you would like to find out more about our kitchen renovation or furniture spraying services then contact us on 01922 457 559 or email us and we will arrange for you to speak to one of our experienced and knowledgeable professionals so you can discover how we can transform your kitchen into a room that not only will you enjoy cooking in but also entertain and socialise in.